Restrict output to just 1st para + image of article?

Hello. I’m using a self-hosted implementation of Full-RSS.

Is there an option to modify the output to consist of just the first paragraph and first image, instead of everything? The ‘include excerpt’ doesn’t fit my downstream needs.

My ultimate purpose is to create a Mailchimp RSS - based E-Mail campaign, which reads a RSS feed (in this case, the RSS of a Pinboard tag). Mailchimp inserts text in the tag (failing which, it reads the content:encoded tag). I would ideally prefer just the first paragraph + image (MC reads the media:content tag for images). Is there a way to limit the Full-RSS feed parsing to just these? I currently get the entire article, which doesn’t work for the purpose of the newsletter.


Hi Rohan,

Not possible to limit to these at the moment. We don’t do any special image handling although if the original feed contains a media:content tag, we’ll try to preserve it. If the excerpts we generate are okay, you can request excerpts but ask for the content to be omitted with the &content=0 parameter. But this will just give you a short text excerpt - not necessarily the first paragraph.