Request: NoCache option for writing/testing new configs

Me again.

At the moment, when I write or edit site_configs at the ssh console and want to test, I need to clear the APC cache on admin page after every change in the config file and then reload the makefulltextfeed.php-page.

So I wish to have an option on admin page to allow user to bypass cache with Yes|No|AccessKeyOnly and then have a new checkbox on create page: don't use cache for config and the URL parameter &nocache

So I could test changes in the config by just pressing F5 or Ctrl-R in the browser window.

Thanks for highlighting this. We’ll see what we can do. I think you can disable caching in your config file to avoid this. And I think if you use the admin interface in Full-Text RSS to add/edit site config, it clears the cache when you save. But haven’t touched that part of the code for a while, so could be wrong.

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