Replace the title


I have a RSS with a truncated title name,
i can get the full title from the content h1,
editing the site config with a line like that
title: //h1
will not replace the final title.

what am i missing?

Good question, Nris,

Full-Text RSS has always worked with the assumption that item titles which appear in the original feed are not truncated - only the item body. So even if your site config file has a rule to extract the title, that title will not replace the title in the input feed. But if your input is not a feed, but the URL to the article itself, then you’ll see that the extracted title is used as the item title.

There is a way to tell Full-Text RSS to use extracted titles to replace the original feed titles. To do that you have two options:

  1. Look in the config file and find $options->favour_feed_titles - here you can set how Full-Text RSS handles item titles.

  2. Alternatively, you can do this per request by adding the following request parameter to the final URL Full-Text RSS generates: &use_extracted_title=1

We have more information about this parameter here: under ‘Feed parameters’