replace_string using regex

hi, i have question after buy and use it.
because i can’t use the “regex” to replace content, then i using pipes service from yahoo…

my question is:

  1. why this software replace_string before content load? (replace_string will replace before the content load to engine)
  2. can i have some clue to replace_string using regex ?

thanks for help, btw this recommended engine for automation tools

Hi Martin,

replace_string is intended to work on the raw HTML before it gets parsed by Full-Text RSS. That’s why it runs before the rest. So you can use it to replace certain HTML fragments that may cause the parser trouble, or to replace words/phrases. But it cannot be used to target replacements within a certain element.

If you want to modify how string replacement works, or to add support for regex, I would suggest you look at these two files;

libraries/content-extractor/ContentExtractor.php (look for the section marked “do string replacements”)
libraries/content-extractor/SiteConfig.php (this file handles parsing the site config files)

Hope that’s some help.