Replace relative Links only


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I need to remove the following href code without usig “//a” as “//a” removes videos and images too!

التقاط صورة تجسسية للنسخة المحسنة من اوبل زافيرا لأول مرة

you can check link here :صور-اوبل-تكشف-النقاب-عن-موكا-اكس-الشبابية-ذات-التصميم-العصري-21602

Can you help me with that ?

Hi there,

If your questions is about removing the element completely, including the text within, you can do so and restrict removal to certain a elements by providing conditions. For example:

strip: //a[contains(@href, ‘something-unique-to-the-URL’)]
strip: //a[contains(., ‘something in the link text’)]

If you want to remove only the link but preserve the link text, that’s not currently possible with a site config file. But it’s possible to tell Full-Text RSS to remove all hyperlinks while preserving the link text by using the ‘links’ field. Simply set it to ‘remove’. Or use &links=remove in the querystring.

Hope that’s some help.

Thank you working great as needed.


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