Remove caption text for


For articles everytime there is an interactive graphic, you get the following text:

You are seeing a snapshot of an interactive graphic. This is most likely due to being offline or Javascript being disabled in your browser.

This becomes a bit disconcerting as it doesn’t distinguish easily from normal text from the body of the article.

Would it be possible to remove or maybe make it a different font/italic to differentiate between the main body any caption text?

@listuk could you please post one or two direct links to those articles? Prefered to articles with no paywall.

found this article and fixed the config.

Please try again and if you still find articles with these disclaimers, report it with the direct URL here. Maybe there are different kind of info boxes.

I will try to remove the newsletter advert later, must go now.

another fix is online. Stripped the newsletter advert and added the lead image.

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thank you so much, looks really good