Remote text " Let’s block ads! (Why?) "

Hi Bro,

How to remote text " Let’s block ads! (Why?) " ?

I optioned remote all link from feed content but don’t delete Let’s block ads! (Why?)

You can help me, please!

Thanks bro,

Hi there, that appears in our free, hosted version of Full-Text RSS. Premium, and self-hosted copies will not have that section.

Best, Keyvan from

I am seeing the same thing. I have bought the script and I am running the RSS script from my hosting account and still seeing it.

andreas pastor

Hi Andreas, if you have bought the script, please make sure the URLs you use in your software point to your hosted copy and not our hosted service. If your feed URLs contain, you’re pointing to our hosted copy and not your own self-hosted copy.

If you still have issues please send us the URL of the Full-Text RSS feed where this is appearing and we’ll take a look. But the block ads text does not even appear in our self-hosted version, so I really think this is simply a case of a full-text feed from our hosted copy being copied into your application instead of one generated by your own self-hosted copy.

I totally forgot about this post I made. And I see you replied minutes after ~I posted.

I am still having the issue, and I am using the self hosted version. I downloaded the software, uploaded to my server, enter in RSS feed, and then using the full URL it produces.

Who can I email to show you?

Andreas Pastor

Hi Andreas. Please email us a URL you’ve generated with your self-hosted copy to and we’ll take a look. Thanks.

OK I sent the email. Thank you

Andreas Pastor