Releasedate 3.0

Hi there
I bought your Solution some days ago. Unfortunatly i didn’t realise that there are some problems with google reader and it’s updateintervall. Is there any releasedate for 3.0 becouse at the moment i can’t use it.
Thanks for your feedback and regards

Hi Marcel, there is no release date yet for Full-Text RSS 3.0 but we’re thinking it will be ready some time in April. There will be another minor update between now and then.

Regarding your purchase, we’re happy to refund you if you like - just email us at with your PayPal transaction number. If you’d rather keep the copy you purchased, you will receive the next update as soon as it’s released.

Basicly i love how your Solution works so if the Readersupport is just some Weeks away i’ll wait.
Thanks and Greets

Marcel von Arx

Hi Marcel, we still plan to have version 3.0 out in April. We’d planned to do an interim version, but we’re now just going to focus on getting 3.0 out.

Hey there
Any News about the Releasedate of 3.0?
Greets Marcel

Marcel von Arx

Hi Marcel, unfortunately not. We had planned to release much earlier but have had a number of other things to attend so it’s been delayed. I’m reluctant to give another date, but it is now a priority for us.

As V3.0 is out now I wondered if the announced google reader support is available or not. Can you tell me more.
Thanks and greets

Marcel von Arx

Hi Marcel, we weren’t happy with the implementation and the results, so we decided to redo it and release it possibly as a separate component. We haven’t abandoned it, but I’m afraid still can’t give a date until we’re happy with how it works. I mentioned this in the release announcement under the section ‘What didn’t make it’: