relative links in feeds

We recently bought license to use awesome software of FiveFilters, and of course, there are some issues/questions we are having (I did not expect everything to be ideal).

So the issues are:

There are some feeds (namely this one which hold relative (non-absolute) links. This results in feed not being processed at all. Is there an option to overcome this? Can this be addressed in next release? Or should we do a hotfix ourselves (pointing a file in which to make this hack would be appreciated)?

Same thing with image sources on some pages - no all are being translated to absolute path (I’ve seen this question on this forum before).

Some sites are saying that they cannot serve data to an Internet Explorer… for example this one -, and setting user-agent doesn’t help.

Thanks for your help.
If in order to fix some of these questions there is some development needs to be done, we are open to discussion (either we can do it and would like to share code with you to include in mainstream so that we don’t end up with our own custom version as we want to keep official support, or we could sponsor this deveopment a little bit…)

Hi there, thank you for purchasing.

The relative URLs in feed links issue, is not something we’ve come across. In fact, that feed is marked invalid because of that issue, and others: Nonetheless, I’ve marked this to be fixed in the next release.

As for image URLs not being resolved, can you give us an example?

Lastly, the behance feed we’ll have to look at to see if we can find a solution.

Thanks for reporting these. And I appreciate the offer of sponsoring to help with these fixes. I’ve marked these all to be looked into, but if you’d like a solution sooner, please email us at and so we can work something out.

Hi Keyvan,

Please, check this URL
Here it is with your FTP:
Image url is not made absolute.


Thank you for this. I think this has to do with in the HTML. My guess is we are currently expecting this value to be a full URL with a scheme. I’ve made a note to fix this in the next release. Thanks for reporting it.

Hi Keyvan,

I don’t know whether this belongs here, but I had a similar issue, where paths of responsive images where not translated to absolute paths.
See header image here:

My workaround was to do the following replace:
replace_string(srcset="): test1="
replace_string(sizes="): test2="

Maybe you could have a look at this as well.

Tristan Hager

Hi Tristan, thanks. We’ve marked this for review too.