Registration Key, Where?

I paid through paypal and download through ejunkie. I want to access the administrative area but I was denied since I need a registration key. Its says that it was sent by email, but where? In the paypal receipt or in the link to download?

Hi Jessica, the registration key should arrive with the confirmation email you receive from E-Junkie. If you haven’t received it, please email us - - with your transaction number or the email address you used with PayPal.

I should point out that the registration key is not actually required to access the admin area. Full-Text RSS ships with the admin area disabled. To enable it, you simply need to set a password in the config file and use that password to log in. Once you’re in the admin area, the registration key is only needed to download site config files from our servers. The site config set this feature relies on has not been updated since the release of Full-Text RSS 3.1, so if you’re using that, you will not be downloading anything new.