"readability" tag


i’m having trouble with the “readability” tag and i would like to disable it, it deforms my generate page and breaks it…
Is there a way i can disable it?
i’m using a self hosted version of Full-Text RSS 2.5 on my server.

Thanks in advance

Hi Kamal, the readability attribute should not affect how a page is rendered. If it does, I think the problem might be with whatever software you’re using to process the returned HTML. There is no option to disable the attribute at the moment - you will have to edit the source code to do it.

Thanks for the response Keyvan,
i tried to locate in the source code where ‘readability’ is being called, but i failed… do you know where i can find it?


Not exactly an answer, but I wanted to point out that Readability does some algorithmic content modifications that can effect the output; for instance it removes tables if they look “fishy” (from the Readability source:
* “Fishy” is an algorithm based on content length, classnames,
* link density, number of images & embeds, etc.

This affected a site where I was using FullText feed because some of the posts had images buried in a table for alignment purposes, and readability would extract them, resulting in a feed item that did not look like the page it was generated from.
So in short, if your content isn’t looking like the page it’s coming from, it’s very possible that Readability is to blame.

Cori Schlegel

Kamal: the readability attribute is added in the PHP Readability class: libraries/readability/Readability.php. There are a number of places where you can try and remove it before it makes its way into the generated feed. I haven’t really looked into it much because as I said the previous answer, I don’t see why it needs to be removed. But one place where you can try and remove it is in makefulltextfeed.php - look for the line $newitem->setDescription($html); You can add a line before this call and modify $html to remove the attribute.

Cori: You’re right that Readability can sometimes be too strict. If its pruning is a little too harsh, you can always create a site config to prevent it. All you have to add is: prune: no - Readability will still be used to detect content but the pruning stage will be skipped.