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I want to buy fivefilters,
But I’m NOT SURE - whether to go for monthly plan or for Installation plan

My requirements are -
(1) I’ve some feeds in Feedly - for which feedly shows last 2000 feeds for last 500 days, using free application fulltextrssfeed.com shows all 2000 feeds in feedly with full text, but using fivefilters shows only 3 feeds in feedly.
I want to be able to see ALL the old feeds in feedly which are shown in feedly by default

(2) I want to use site specific rules for many websites

I’m interested in going for monthly plan if the above two requirements can be fulfilled by it, as i’m not a technical person and want to avoid any maintenance of server-account on my own

Hi there, regarding the first point, as explained in an earlier post, neither option will show old feed items in Feedly.

Regarding the second point, site specific extraction rules can only be created in the self-hosted copy. But they require knowledge of XPath, so might not be so easy if you haven’t used XPath before.