Pushed PDFs Appear Twice in Library: "[title]" and "Converted-[title]"

When I push a PDF with title “Foo Bar” I get two items in my library:
“Foo Bar” with the correct author
“Converted-Foo Bar” with author=kindle@fivefilters.org

Is there some way to only get the first document?

Hi Jared, thanks for the question. At the moment there is no way to specify that you’d only like the first. We’ll try to add an option for this.

PDFs are handled differently because Amazon allows users to send PDFs as they are or request that they be converted to a regular ebook format. The conversion doesn’t always work well, so when we introduced PDF support, we decided to submit the original PDF to Amazon and also a copy that Amazon would convert. That’s why you receive two items in the library.

As for the author being kindle@fivefilters.org, that’s not in our control. Amazon could use the author in the PDF metadata, but for some reason uses the email address the article was sent from instead.