Push to kindle plug-in couldn't save kindle address on my office computer

every time I push web page by using Push to kindle plug-in (either Chrome or Opera), I have to enter my kindle account XXX@kindle.cn then click send button, even I already checked “Remember me?” option, why can’t the plug-in remember my account?
the issue only happens with my office computer, my home computer is OK.

Hi Andy,

Push to Kindle uses HTML5’s local storage to remember those details. In some cases browsers may be set up with that feature disabled. Or, perhaps there is a browser extension which is preventing javascript or localstorage from working on the site. My suggestion is to ask someone responsible for the systems at your workplace to see if there are restrictions in place that might prevent localstorage/javascript from working on our site (fivefilters.org). And if there are, usually you can have the site whitelisted so those restrictions do not apply to the site.

Hope that’s some help.