Push to Kindle only shows headline and cookie text


I am trying to push this article to my Kindle, but the preview only shows the headline and the cookie text. Could you help? :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you.

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Strange. For me, both the Pushtokindle preview and FulltextRSS show the full article including the image, without any cookie notice. No config necessary.

P2K preview

Which Browser?
Use of P2K-Browser-Plugin?

If you use Plugin: try to deaktivate ‘Use browser-retrieved content’ in the ‘Edit’ menu.

Now I am at home on my own PC with Firefox 115 with P2K Plugin on windows 11. It doesnt matter for me if Use browser-retrieved content is active or not. I allways get the full article in the preview pane. No cookie banner. So we need more details about your system, @Fer .

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Hi @Fer, if you can, please try disabling browser-retrieved content, as @HolgerAusB suggests above. You can do this by clicking ‘Edit’ in the preview screen:

I was able to reproduce the problem you experienced when I disabled my ad blocker. We generally recommend Push to Kindle users also install an ad blocker in their browser, we’re big fans of uBlock Origin - see https://blockads.fivefilters.org/ - as that does a lot in preventing article clutter from being sent to the Push to Kindle service.

So in your case it’s likely you’re not running an ad blocker, but if you are and you’re still seeing the cookie notice, or if you don’t want to install an ad blocker, please use the edit method I suggested above to request alternative article fetching. That should work for this site.

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Thank you both. Disabling Use browser-retrieved content worked :slightly_smiling_face:.

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