Push to kindle app not working

Hi, I’m trying to push this article, but get this error. Used to work without problems for me before. Latest app version. Any idea?


Hi rmk, this site appears to be blocking requests from our servers. It’s likely that the intention isn’t to refuse access to Push to Kindle specifically, but to block requests from servers in general.

For situations like this, we recommend users install our Push to Kindle bookmarklet. If you’re using Safari on iOS, you can find instructions here: Push to Kindle bookmarklet – FiveFilters.org

The bookmarklet works by sending the content directly from Safari to Push to Kindle, so no server request needs to be made to get the content.

In a future version of Push to Kindle we plan to implement this in the app, so when it’s invoked via Safari, it will try to send the content already loaded.

Thanks a lot for the swift reply. That’s alright for me, as long as this is not a general problem, I can live with this side being an exception.

Have a good day!

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