Problem with images

For a few feeds, even though Full Text is able to extract images perfectly when viewed from the browser, the moment I add the feed to a feed reader, the image fail to get imported.

There’s no issue with the site config here since everything works perfectly with Full Text, but it’s only when I use the feed on different feed readers that the images disappear.

Could you let us know which feed readers you’ve had this problem with? I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do, but would be good to know. Have you tried contacting the feed reader developers?

The usual lot.

Miniflux, Selfoss, FreshRSS.

Arnab Das

Many feed readers rewrite the HTML in feeds for display purposes. I wonder if the image elements we’re returning need to be changed in some situations. If you have examples of the HTML that’s causing the problem, please let us know and we’ll take a look.