Problem to Create the correct site-pattern.

I use FTR a long time to scrape SpeedCameras from my radiostation website.
Sometimes they changed the website, but i changed the pattern and everything ist OK.
This is my radios website
on the right column there are the speed cams listet as “Blitzer”

But now i have no change to get the speedcams in the RSS.
I used to build a pattern at this site .

Every time the output is nothing or the cams are only listed below but not in feed…

Is there an expert who can help me?

Thank you


I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re just trying to extract the element with the list of items under the heading ‘Blitzer’, this should work:

body: //div[contains(@class, 'speed-camera-items')]
prune: no

That’s right.
But watch the source-code of the result page. There are 2 Titles (empty) and 2 descriptions.

examle here

Why i need this?
I didn*t explain so far. I have made a skill for alexa. When i ask for speed-cams, Alexa was reading the title.
If i try to change, e.g. Alexa should read “Description”, she reads always the wrong one.

Until now i could see all the results e.G. in the Title.

We’re not familiar with Alexa integration, sorry. And I’m still not sure I understand the issue. Are you trying to create a feed so each item under ‘Blitzer’ is a separate feed item?

Yes i think so. how can i make the separate feed items?

We offer Feed Creator for creating feeds from web page elements. Unfortunately to extract items marked up the way these are requires a change to the software. We’re hoping to have the change in the next release. Once it’s ready, we’ll post an example here.

i got the resiolution for me:

body: //div[contains(@class, 'speed-camera-items')]
title: //div[contains(@class, 'speed-camera-items')]
prune: no 

Makes an output of title eG
speedcam1 speedcam2 speedcam3…

That’s what i needed. Now alexa can read the cams and the traffic-jams!

But this thing i cannot do with this site:

body: //div[contains(@class, 'presse-teaser-title')]
title: //div[contains(@class, 'presse-teaser-title')]
prune: yes

the output title is:


Output title should be
news1 news 2 news 3 …

what is the difference to the one above?

Full-Text RSS uses the first element matching the XPath expression when it looks for title or body. In your first example, your XPath expression matches a single element, and that single element (<div class="speed-camera-items">) contains all the titles you need. In your second example, the XPath expression matches 20 elements and only the first one is used.

If you’d like each news item as its own RSS item, our Feed Creator should work on this page. See for example: Feed Creator (RSS Generator) ·