"problem sending"

I’m unable to send articles from the NYT or WAPO to kindle from my iphone using the app. I am a paid subscriber at both sites. Trying from either site gives the dreaded big X and “Problem Sending.” Solutions? Thanks.

Hi there, we’ve identified one issue affecting NYT articles which we hope to have fixed very soon. We’ll look into WAPO too.

Processing articles from both these sites should be fixed now. Please do let us know if you experience any more difficulty sending articles from these sites and we’ll be happy to look into any issues.

No app update is necessary. The fixes were server side so if you try again sending an article from one of these sites, hopefully you won’t get an error now.

Great responsiveness. Thank you!!!

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@fivefilters I have the same problem with opinion pieces from Bloomberg, using the Send to Kindle app on iOS from Firefox browser. E.g. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Would you look into this?


I have also found this issue on a Medium article, Daily Sketches in 2016.
It fails to send both through the Share extension on iOS and the browser (on macOS Safari).

Is it possible to resolve this?

The problem here is that Bloomberg restricts access to its site from web servers. So our Push to Kindle mobile apps can’t retrieve the contents of the page. But if you use Push to Kindle using our desktop extension, you will see that it can access it:

With the browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, we send the article content from the browser directly to Push to Kindle. So a separate server-side request isn’t necessary. This isn’t currently possible via our mobile apps (due to platform limitations), but it’s possible to set up our browser extension on some mobile browsers. See our bookmarklet instructions: https://www.fivefilters.org/push-to-kindle/push-to-kindle-bookmarklet/

The problem here is that this article very image heavy. The resulting EPUB comes close to 50MB because of the all the images. We currently have a 40MB sending limit in Push to Kindle, so to get this article through you will have to disable images:

In the future we might have to work on a some code to detect this situation and optimise the images more to reduce the ebook file size even further.

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