Post request to extract.php

I’m submitting post requests to extract.php on a self hosted instance.

When I submit a request which includes only the URL, I get the correct response.
But, when I submit a request that includes the URL & inputhtml, I get a response saying “No URL supplied”. Any ideas what could be going on?

My post request body with just the URL looks like:-


My post request body with includes both the URL & the inputhtml looks like: - Share Text & Images the Easy Way (I can’t paste it here, because it is longer than what is allowed on these forums).

I suspect there is an encoding issue in the code that generates this request, which causes the two parameters not to be identified. Could you please provide the code that generates this request?

Nevermind. I figured this one out. Turned out that /tmp on my server was full, and PHP wouldn’t read any data in requests that had post data with size higher than 16KB.
Sorry for bothering you with this.