Please read: reporting problems

If you’re posting here to report a problem with one of our applications, please try and be as specific as possible. Please post:

  • The application you’re using (e.g. Push to Kindle, Full-Text RSS)
  • The URL to the article or page you’re having trouble with (not just the site name or address)
  • The problem you experience (e.g. content does not load, or loads partially, or images do not load)
    • If it’s not obvious at a glance what the problem is, please be more specific or include screenshots.

Even if you’re encountering the problem with all pages on a particular site, it’s not always the case that every single page will fail in the same way, so it helps us to work with a specific example to try and reproduce the same problem you’re experiencing.

So please try finding a specific example to report here. Once we can reproduce the problem you’re experiencing ourselves, we can start to figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it.