Paywall Articles

Hi, is there a way to push articles behind a Paywall to kindle from an iPhone?

I have a subscription for I can of course read the full articles on my iPhone, but when I use the push to kindle app, only the first paragraphs (after which is says “you need to be premium”) are sent.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, if you use Safari on your iPhone you can install our new bookmarklet which should work on paywalled articles (as long as you’re a subscriber and can view the article yourself). We’ve written a little more about it on our blog, along with a video showing its use on the iPhone.

The bookmarklet is currently only available for patrons - we’re still testing it and getting feedback, but feedback has been good so far. If you do join and use it, please let us know if you have any issues with it on or any other site.

Thanks for the instructions, happy to join as a patron. Everything appears to be working!

I would still love to see this functionality in the iOS app, it appears a bit less “hacky” than the bookmark way.

Thank you! Glad to hear.

We do have plans to bring this functionality eventually to the iOS app. It’s a little harder to implement so isn’t priority right now, but we will get to it.