Pastepad and PDF with titles finally!

I’m a paid subscriber for many years now, converting a lot of PDF’s that all end up on my Kindle with the same name (Converted PDF). I also send a lot of text with Pastepad that end up with the same name (Untitled document). I saw people here complaining about this back in 2012, when it first started bugging me too. So isn’t it time to actually DO something about this? It know it will take you brilliant guys half an hour. :slight_smile:

Hi Joakim,

The PDF situation is a little tricky because we’re not the ones producing the (Converted PDF) title. That’s Amazon. When you send a PDF via Push to Kindle, we detect that it’s a PDF and we send one copy as-is to your Kindle email address, and we send another copy but ask Amazon to convert it to an ebook. If we were doing the conversion ourselves, we’d be able to alter the result so it tries to show the relevant title. In this case, Amazon’s doing it. You can test this yourself by downloading a PDF and sending it to your Kindle account as an attachment (using your regular email application) and putting ‘convert’ in the subject line. That’s essentially what we do with PDFs. If we find a good solution to do the conversion ourselves, we’ll look into doing that.

As for the Paste Pad, we will try to fix this. It’s supposed to work by looking for the first

element and using that as a title. So if you marked the title as h1 in the paste pad before clicking Push to Kindle, that would be used as the title. But testing it now, I can see this is no longer working as expected. I’m going to try and fix this soon.

Thanks for supporting the project! :slight_smile:


Hi Keyvan.

I understand now that I have to ask Amazon to fix it so that PDF’s sent via their services to your Kindle are named in a more intuitive manner. Thanks for fixing titles in Pastepad! It would be cool if you could announce it in this thread whenever it has been implemented so that we can test it out?


Joakim Bang Larsen

Any news on fixing this? :slight_smile:

Joakim Bang Larsen