Only parts of document are retrieved


retrieving this article in Push2Kindle stops after the first image.

“Zweitens: Wo die Menschen viel CO2 ausstoßen und wo wenig” and following are not retrieved.

Thanx for your help!

@HGassner I fixed site grabbing of now. Please retry and report us, if everything is fine (or missing)

Thank you very much - it works now!

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In the following article, Push to kindle, it does not transfer everything, it starts at point 3.1 and the above does not take it.
Help me please

Hi @SAT, I (hopefully) fixed that problem. Try again.

Unfortunately this site is Java script only. That means, you need to use the Push-to-kindle browser-plugin.

Please report, If you’re missing something.

ok, but the browser plugin on my iPad doesn’t work. They never send the notice to the email so I can log in.
I’m like stuck, it would be great for me to be able to use my iPad, since I discover articles there.
Could you help me please?

Sorry, but there are no plugins/extensions at all for Firefox@iOS or Chrome@iOS. You need a desktop browser with the push-to-kindle browser plugin.

I don’t see a way for articles to push them directly from iPad to P2K

Good day,

This article stops short, with or without the “Use Browser retrieved content” toggle.

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@matbishop Welcome in the forum and thank you, for the report.

I wrote a config for this website and it is live now.

But It doesn’t work with the full link (mabe its the cache and it works in few hours) but you can remove everything from the ? to get the same article:

Please check and report here.


Thanks @HolgerAusB! Modified your config file a little to handle duplicate images I noticed in one part of the article (<noscript> related) and also added an additional strip rule - for some reason your original one wasn’t removing some of them when I used the browser-retrieved version of the HTML (might have been weird HTML being sent in that mode).

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Thank you @fivefilters for the additional fixes. I was aleady aware of both issues, but hadn’t the time yet to test it out, because of the delay, that p2k needs until a new config pattern is loaded and used

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Working perfectly thank you!

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