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I create feeds from different websites. the problem is that there are always only 5 entries in the feed, although there is much more news on the website.

Hi there, the maximum number of feed items returned in a feed generated by Feed Creator is always 5. For sites that don’t update very frequently this is fine, as the idea is you’ll subscribe to the feed and will receive new items when they appear.

If a site updates more frequently, or perhaps published 10 items at a time when it updates, we offer a premium plan which returns up to 10 feed items.

There are however some users who want to extract a complete list of items on a page as one-time operation. For example, to import into another system. That’s not really what Feed Creator was designed for. We might support it in the future, but it’s not really the main focus of the software. You can probably achieve it if you buy the self-hosted version of Feed Creator and increase the item limit.

There differences between the free and premium hosted versions are listed below:

Premium access

We also offer a premium plan for Feed Creator which increases more of the limits of the free plan. The premium access key is also valid for our Full-Text RSS premium service.

Limit Free Premium
Max number of items returned in each request 5 10
Max number of values in multi-value parameters (e.g. text filters) 3 10
Cache time 2 hours 5 minutes

How to increase the number of items in selfhosted version (2.2.1) up to 20?

To increase the maximum number of items returned in the feed output in the self-hosted version of Feed Creator, you should do the following:

  1. Save a copy of config.php inside the custom/ folder.
  2. Edit custom/config.php and change the max_items value:
// Max items
// ----------------------
// Maximum number of items to include in output.
// You can pass a lower number in each request (using the 'max' parameter)
// but you cannot request more than this.
$options->max_items = 10;

Thanks. Looks as it works. :+1:

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