The collection of existing site patterns is extensive. Is there a way to take to take that collection and make it and OMPL file that can be imported to a number of RSS tools? Then, I would already know the sources have a matching site pattern to be used in full-text rss.

Hi John, I’m not quite sure I understand. Do you mean an OPML file containing feed URLs of every site with a site config file in Full-Text RSS?

yes, exactly

John Caviani

It’s an interesting idea. I guess it’d be possible to create such an OPML file provided we have feed URLs in the site config files (not all files have these). But I’m not sure how useful it would for most of our users for two reasons: 1. The rules we have in those files won’t all be up to date - meaning for some feeds you’d essentially be relying on the regular content detection code (PHP Readability) which kicks in if the custom extraction rules fail to match - but which often does a great job anyway; 2. Not sure how many would want to subscribe to such a large number of random feeds. :slight_smile: