Number of DNS requests

My Pi-Hole keeps rate limiting my dedicated FTR LXC and I have the limit set to 1000 requests in 60 seconds and that’s very relaxed. About 20k requests daily for about 25 feeds.
Is that expected behavior? Isn’t that a bit excessive?

I am not a dev and not familiar with the code. But it could be helpful for @fivefilters if you name your version of FTR and how you installed it (docker, linux server with apache2 or nginx) and if the cache is activated. While this might be mainly for keeping the site-configs.

Maybe there is no cache for dns in FTR at all, while I think, that should be the part of apache/nginx. But, as I wrote, I am not a dev, just guessing.

BTW: The dns requests are FROM ftr.lan? Or is something (your feed aggregator) requesting the ip TO ftr.lan?

ftr.lan is a dedicated Ubuntu 22.4 LXC that’s configured with puppet from bitbucket, 3.9.13 installed. Didn’t enable caching yet because it’s a fresh install for me and am still tinkering with site definitions.
I can always raise the threshold on Pi-Hole but this number of DNS requests looks excessive to me.

Yes, we don’t cache DNS lookups in the application code as this is something that should occur at the system level.

I have the same question. it’s not clear to me from what you’ve posted @pax0707 what exactly is being rate limited.

Requests to ftr.lan? If so, you will need to see how you’ve set up your feed reading application. If too many requests are being sent to ftr.lan you’ve set up your feeds to be refreshed too quickly, you should be able to adjust this in your feed reading application so the refresh rate is more reasonable.

If Pi-Hole has been set up to filter requests made from your Full-Text RSS instance, then that seems unnecessary to me as we don’t execute Javascript in pages retrieved by Full-Text RSS and that’s where you’d see a benefit in ad-blocking with Pi-Hole.

These are DNS requests from ftr.lan (LXC with FTR) to my primary Pi-Hole. After a single client exceeds x queries within y seconds it gets blocked. I have it set to 1000 queries within 600 seconds. This number of requests seems a bit excessive for not that many feeds (about 30). There’s a spike every 90 minutes and FreshRSS is set to refresh every 30 minutes.
Was wondering if there’s something wrong or working as intended.
Everything on my LAN used (1 of 2) Pi-Holes (with local unbound for DNS resolving) for security, privacy, and ad-blocking reasons.

Hard to say why this is happening based on your description here. What I can say is that when you set up a full-text feed with Full-Text RSS, it only processes that feed when a request comes in for the full-text version, typically from your feed reader. So it shouldn’t be making any requests unless your RSS reader or some other application is sending it a request to process a feed. And typically one request for a full-text feed will generate about 6 requests from Full-Text RSS (1 for the partial feed, and then 5, or whatever your item limit is, for the individual items in that feed). If you can experiment, try disabling the feeds in FreshRSS and see if you still get requests from FTR. If you do, it might a sign that something else is interacting with Full-Text RSS.