Not loading content

I have found that Push to Kindle has been reliably loading article content maybe 40% of the time, whether with articles or recipes. I have to be extremely vigilant in double-checking the content pulled into the extension to ensure it’s all there. More often than not some or all is missing. I don’t know whether this is due to a change in how websites are coded or what, but at this rate I may have to uninstall and look for other options. Here’s another example that doesn’t pull content. A shame.

Hi Marco, recipe sites are a little problematic for Push to Kindle at the moment. We rely on a mixture of specific extraction rules for sites and fallback to automatic detection. When sites change, automatic detection is used more often. For recipe sites, this almost always fails because automatic detection looks for typical blog/news story-type articles - e.g. title + sequence of paragraphs making up the body of the text. The structure of recipe sites is very different, so we basically have to write rules targetting these sites to ensure useful extraction. We’ll be adding these soon, so hopefully extraction will improve for these sites.