not complete extraxtion in qoute div

Dear Team,

I’m Always have problem when to try to extraction from site who have quote div, content inside the “quote div” still missing, for example
rss : or, i have try to Edit site patterns, but never worked

please give me some right code to make full extraction when the feed has like quote div


Hi there,

Can you explain what you mean by “quote div” and also, what have you tried in the site patterns that hasn’t worked?

i give for example link

then i built code for extraction

body: //div[@class=‘news-text’]

and see pic below


Thanks. My suggestions is to also try adding:

prune: no

Also, please enable the debug output to see if the site config file is being loaded or not. If you still have no luck, please post the debug output here and we’ll see if there are any clues as to why it’s not working.

Hello Keyvan,

thanks for response,
may ask you?, have you try to extract from the link that i give to you? i give you example for the link like, please try to extract them, then see the problem, may you know i using filefilter v3.3 to extract them and always the code like

cannot be extracted

Many thanks for response