non breaking article

Is it possible to make some code improvement to avoid column-break or page-break between article-title and article-content?

Well you can see in example:

This is made by PDF Newspaper, I’m very satisfied and it is very nice, but column-breaks, and page-breaks inside articles destroy good work.

I solved cover-image, putting code in subtitle, and go inside to define footer text (it will be nice to put that option in config :slight_smile: )

So, what can be done to avoid article-breaks?

Hi Zeljko, can you give us the RSS feed which you used to generate the PDF? We do have some code which tries to prevent splits like this, but we’ll need the original feed to be able to see why it’s not working in this case.

I send you link by email. I hope that you receive it.


Hi Zeljko, yes, thanks. Will reply shortly.

Was there a solution to this problem and did the fix get implemented into the latest code?

Josen Ruiseco