New TCPDF version


Do you plan to update the code to the last version of tcpdf ?
I try just to update the library and this is crashing…

I’m looking for a newer version as I want to have SVG content in the PDF, and the current version is failing (I’m not sure it is related to tcpdf BTW…).


Hi Denis, we do plan to update, but not just yet - other priorities. Not sure what kind of SVG content you need included in the PDF, can you give us an example?

Thanks Keyvan,

Regarding the SVG : having a RSS item with a chart graphic with, for example, the numbers of retweet of articles.
Charts will be automatically included in the RSS stream.


Thanks Denis. To be honest I don’t know how TCPDF handles SVG content in web pages. When we update I’ll see if I can test it out.