New bookmarklet version


Recently I’ve noticed that my direct bookmarklet doesn’t work anymore and redirects me to the page with information:

You are trying to access an old, retired version of Push to Kindle. Please go to Push to Kindle for links to the latest version.

I use Pale Moon browser and Firefox extension doesn’t work for it. I can’t find updated version on the fivefilters page.
Would you be so kind, and post new version.

Hi Piolo,

Thanks for letting us know. You can find the new updated version now on the Push to Kindle page.

If you’re using the old version you can also edit the bookmarklet and change the URL in it from:


Thank you so much. Indeed, the problem is in url but somehow I’m not able (or I don’t know how) to edit the old bookmarklet, nor add the new one to my status bar. Pale Moon gives the ability to customize the status bar with drag and drop options trough dedicated Customize Toolbar Window.
Interesting thing, I can’t somehow delete the old bookmarklet (I can drag it back to the library Customize Toolbar Window). Maybe some1 experienced this kind of issue?

If you’re using our bookmarklet you’ll see ‘Push to Kindle’ somewhere on your bookmarks toolbar. If you right-click on it you should be able to edit it by clicking ‘Properties’. You should also be able to drag the Push to Kindle’ link on our page and place it next to your existing Push to Kindle link in your toolbar. You’ll then have two and can delete the old one. I don’t use Pale Moon but it’s based on Firefox it seems, so I think the steps should be the same or very similar.