My feed has stopped working...

The feed on this page,, was working fine for months, but new items are no longer showing up in my newsreader… Didn’t change a line of code anywhere, so I’m at a loss. I didn’t publish anything over the summer, could that be the reason?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure I understand. The feed on that page appears to be this: sknob/scoop

Do you have a problem with that feed? Are you passing the feed through Feed Creator? If so, can you provide the feed URL Feed Creator has generated for you?

I ended up coding a feed by hand yesterday to get something out to my subscribers, but this isn’t an ideal solution. The original FF feed URL was


I can’t see any issues with the Feed Creator feed you posted.

What can sometimes happen is that the source site is re-designed, resulting in selectors entered into Feed Creator no longer matching the content they previously did. In that situation you’d need to create a new feed with new selectors.

But the Feed Creator feed you posted does match items and produces a valid feed. In a situation like that it’s best to check with your feed reader service to see if there’s an issue their end.

If you ever wonder if the feeds we generate are no longer valid, you can test with the W3 Feed Validator service at W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS