Multiple Kindles

How do I send articles to multiple Kindles?

Hi Bob, you can separate the Kindle addresses with commas in the ‘Send to’ field. So, let’s say you have 3 Kindle accounts:,,, you would enter in the ‘send to’ field:


You can do this for up to 5 addresses.

Note that the send from address can only be one address, so if these Kindle addresses are on separate Amazon accounts, the send from address must be added to the ‘approved’ list of all the accounts.

I should also add that if the Kindles you are sending to are all registered to one account, then usually sending to just one Kindle address on the account is enough. Amazon will save the article in your account and on the other devices you can browse the ‘cloud’ category and download the article, even if it was sent to a Kindle address associated with a different device.

Hope that makes sense.