multi config of site-pattern

thanks for this powerfull tools…


my question is… :
if each subdirectory of target have different config, can we make different directory too on site-pattern or just single site-pattern
because, i get confuse when put on single site-pattern, many target//node is opposite with the another directory.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the question. In cases where the domain/subdomain are the same but the path structure leads to different sites/layouts, you will have to rely on a single site config file.

The way Full-Text RSS works is that it will work down the list of extraction rules until it finds one that matches, so you can supply multiple rules, one for each layout, in a single file.



body: //div[@id=‘whatever-is-unique-to-foto’]


body: //div[@id=‘whatever-is-unique-to-article’]


body: //div[@id=‘whatever-is-unique-to-bejo’]

This file will then be loaded for all these requests, but the first matching XPath will be used to return the content.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks Keyvan, for fast reply…

your reply work for body,strip,title and author
but for the next_page_link got error, when debugging get info if looping and never finish…

so for temporary i try using multiple folder for full-text RSS for each domain or folder the target chosen…