More examples for native_ad_clue

Hi there,
the only way to remove unwanted articles from the feed is to use the “native_ad_clue” feature.

Unfortunately only a few site pattern feature this setting. So it’s a little hard to adapt o other sites. In my current example I want to remove paid articles like this one: Von der alten in die neue Heimat: Eine ukrainische Geflüchtete führt durch ihr Berlin
“Tagesspiegel plus” articles are behind a paywall. No need to see them in my feed list.

Another example is: IT-News für Profis
g+ articles

Can you pls. share some insights how to configure the “native_ad_clue” feature?
Thx in advance

Hi @five10463, the value of native_ad_clue is a search pattern in xpath 1.0 format.

If something in an article matches this pattern, the article will be removed from the feed.

So if you right-click on the paywall banner in tagesspiegel and choose ‘Inspect’ you’ll find
<div id="paywal"...

to search for this div, you add in config:
native_ad_clue: //div[@id='paywall']

for golem you may try
native_ad_clue: //div[@class='paywall-wrapper']

We don’t use native_ad_clue very often, because some people prefer to have the teasers in their feed, so they can decide to pay for it or google the topic, to find it on other websites.

We only use this, when the website is pushing plain advertising pages without any real news in their feed.
Self-hosters, of course, can decide to strip the teaser articles as well.

Thanks for your support! Appreciated.
I am indeed a self-hoster of FT-RSS.