Missed Sections in Extracted Articles

I’ve been using PushToKindle to read academic articles but most articles on NEJM.org have missing sections when extracted.

A representative example is this article: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMra054782 where only a section in the middle of the article is extracted.

Most articles are behind a paywall, but even when logged into my account and viewing the full article online, sections are missing when pushing the browser extracted content.

Thank you!

Hello @reader, welcome at the forums and thank you for reporting this.

  • NEJM website is heavily using JavaScript. So it is not possible to just sending the article URL to pushtokindle (P2K). You need the browser plugin (for desktop) or the bookmarklet (desktop and mobile) which is catching the content on your device and send it to P2K.
  • Nevertheless, P2K needs some site specific configuration to catch the correct parts of an article. To write one, we need a link to a full article without paywall. Your example above only contains a short abstract part in my browser.
  • I already wrote a site config by using this article. And it looks good for me
  • Please test it now an please report back. If you could provide a link with a full and free article, maybe with included images, so we can do further improvements to the config.
  • My example link is catching a lead image from meta data. Let us know, if this should be stripped out or kept in.
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Just found a long article, marked as ‘free’ including figures and tables.

After adding a little additional configuration it looks good for me. What do you think, @reader?

I stripped out the ‘Quick Take’ because the video won’t show up in the excerpt anyway. But maybe there are different quick-takes in other articles which should be kept?


Thank you! I had been using the browser plugin, and after the changes you made the filter is capturing the whole text perfectly.

There is a new, related issue however: the article looks perfect in the Push to Kindle preview, including the pictures, tables, and figures.

However, in the version on the Kindle, the figures are not present. I also tried downloading the MOBI and EPUB files and opening them in Calibre: the images are also missing in these files.

Are these figures in a format that is not compatible with Kindle/MOBI/EPUB?

Hi @reader, thanks for reporting this. It seems the images are not being downloaded. We’re trying to figure out why. Will update here again when we know more.

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