MDN only shows part of the article

Push to Kindle doesn’t seem to handle MDN very well and tends to only pick up part of the article. For example, the page WebGPU API only picks up one section of the article:

I also tried The HTML DOM API and this seems to pick up just the browser compatibility section (which also should be formatted as a table or removed entirely, but I don’t care so much about that):

@circuit10, I wrote a new config for this subdomain, which is catching all content except of the browser compatibility table at the end of the articles and the ‘result’ box (2nd article) which can’t work here.

I could only test this with Fulltext-RSS and Wallabag but it should also work with P2K. You need to wait an hour or two until the cache of P2K server is cleared and the new config will be loaded.

Please report here, if this works or if something is missing


Thank you, it works now!


Thank you @HolgerAusB !