Malware warning readability.php

My webhoster (Cyon) is automatically scanning all files for malware and is reporting the following file /readability.php/test/test-pages/yahoo-4/source.html to be Generic:HTML/Seospam.B

I understand that it is not dangerous but it always generates a security warning and the file is quarantined. I am pretty sure that other webhoster might use similar scan tools

Can you please remove that file?

Hi there, thanks for letting us know.

The test/ folder should be safe to completely remove. It’s only used during development of the library itself. Readability.php uses the same HTML source test files as the Mozilla package it’s based on, you’ll see this particular source file here:

I can see it being a problem if these files are automatically included when the package is installed via composer. If that’s the case, we’ll see if we can exclude them for standard installs and only include them for development installs.

I think excluding them from the package that is installed via composer would be very good.

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