Make epub simpler than current newer versiion

I just realize that you have newer interface. But since I only use it to make epub on my article, it’s actually more hassle to me, since there’s no “save previous preference”, I mean before then, after choosing to only make epub, after that I can just click once to generate EPUB. But with newer version, I actually had to scroll down and click Download so I can click EPUB button.

Is there anyway to go back to old interface, or at least remember my preference, so once I generate epub, after that, other option like Setting will be minimized, and Download section automatically open, then I just click Epub button to generate epub, like back then?

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. That’s a great point. We’ll update the code to make sure the download panel remains open between uses if that’s the position it’s left in. We’ll also think about letting users close the send panel if that’s not useful to them.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Hi again. Just a note to say Push to Kindle now remembers if the downloads panel is left open. So should save you a click in the future.

The settings panel will remain closed between uses if you enter an email address. If you have no need for sending to a Kindle address, just enter anything in there and hit Close. It should remain closed next time you use it.