long url

1-the links that generated from full text is very very long please fix this problem
2-when i set maximum item to 30 google feedburner can’t fetch the feed please fix it too
google feed burner error :Timeout while fetching the feed

Hi Habib,

  1. Is there an application that is refusing to accept our feeds because of URL length? If so, please let us know. You can always shorten the URL using a URL shortener like tinyurl.com. Full-Text RSS does not rely on a database, so we need to include all the relevant information in the URL as request parameters. We are not aware of any news reading applications that do not accept our URLs because of their length.

  2. Increasing the number of feed items for Full-Text RSS to process will increase the time it takes to produce the feed. We do not advise increasing this too much as some applications will simply not wait long enough (like your example) or the servers we read from might be too slow in responding to our requests, which will also increase the time it takes to produce the final feed.