Log of Full-Text RSS activities

Hi all,

I just joined this community and I really impress with this tool, I use RSS from ages have a good collection here. I’m using Full-Text RSS on Feedly replacing old links with the new one generated and the standalone version on a cheap hosting I have on 1&1.

For the sake of transparency, I was wondering where I can find:

1 - Logging, on FTR side regarding the pushs/fetchs done on the server.
2 - List of all active feeds in use.
3 - Whenever I can use or not a raspberry pi / with a DDNS alike as my server.

Thank you all,
Joel Teixeira

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the kind words.

As for your questions:

  1. Full-Text RSS does not do logging - you can probably enable logging on the web server to see requests coming in. If you’re curious about what’s happening in Full-Text RSS when it’s processing a request, try loading one of our URLs with &debug=1 added to it - this should show you what’s going on behind the scenes, but it’s not logged to file.

  2. There’s no such thing as an ‘active’ feed in Full-Text RSS. It has no database and keeps no record of what users have created. After you click ‘Create Feed’, you’ll notice that the original feed you entered remains part of the URL in a query string parameter (&url=…). So when a request comes in to Full-Text RSS, it uses the URL embedded in the request.

  3. I’m afraid we have not tried running Full-Text RSS on a Raspberry Pi, so I can’t answer that or give any support. But we have had emails from users who’ve claimed it does works.

Hope that’s some help

Hi Keyvan,

Yes, I helped me a lot. It’s a lot clear now.

BTW, I did set up the raspberry pi and yes it seems to be working very well. Feedly on the other hands is struggling somehow. I create the feed, open the page with the proper feed structure but when adding to Feedly it says there’s no feed available.

I have a Pro account there and I’m exchanging some e-mails with Feedly support.

Thank you again.

Joel Teixeira

Thanks for the update, Joel.