Trying to preserve the links in the content being generated, but it seems as though the links are in the title of the individual articles. Is there any way to move the links to the content? I am trying to make a blog that has a newsfeed related to my topic, but I don’t want to get in trouble or appear to plagiarize by not posting a link referencing the source, and I need to preserve the automation of the feature so that I’m not copying and pasting a link for every article.

My problem, really, is that I am wiring the full-text rss script to another script (wp-o-matic), and that script is doing the stripping. I can’t think of a clever work-around other than somehow rigging things so that the post title is duplicated at the beginning of the post.



Hi Brian, I’m afraid we can’t offer support for other tools. There is a limited way to introduce a snippet of HTML into every item we process, which can be used to introduce a link to the original article - see - but I can’t see what good that will do if your feed reader is going to strip links afterwards.