Links without top-level-domain

If you look at the CSS of the following site, you’ll see, that the top-level-domain is missing in the link of the article’s title. Therefore the URL created by FeedCreator isn’t working.

The initial site:

This is the working URL of an article:

The URL in the CSS: news/details/vcoe-eu-vergibt-mit-zu-laschen-co2-grenzwerten-fuer-autos-grosse-chance-fuer-klimaschutz

And FeedCreator creates this link:

The FeedCreator URL:

Any idea how to solve that?

Thanks for the report. I think what we need to do here is to take the base URL into account. The page has this element which affects how relative links are resolved:

Feed Creator currently doesn’t take that into account when resolving relative URLs. Should be fixed in the next update.