Links to notes in article

I believe I posted my support elsewhere on the forum in a thread on the same theme, but can no longer find that question here… And I think perhaps that my contribution did not make it up for some reason. Anyway, I absolutely cherish this app but am frustrated by the inability to read notes IN the article - via automated links (excuse the imprecise language, I’m not at all tech savy) and not having to go through the tedious process of going to the end of the article and finding the relevant note. In the reply you gave to the similar question mentioned above, you argued that such notes disrupt the reading experience and you gave a link to some research on the matter. There may be truth in that but isn’t it up to the users of your app, the authors of articles, and ultimately the readers to decide? Kindle now provides a very good way of displaying such notes, and personally I find the process of having to find the note at the end of the article, which is lengthier than it would be reading on the web or a hardcopy, or ignoring the note all together, uncertain whether it may or may not have shed any light on the text in question, even more disruptive.

Again, I am so grateful for your app - it is by far the best I’ve found, but I ask you to reconsider the matter. If it were a lot of trouble to develop and integrate this function I suppose it could be a premium option.

Much thanks

Sorry for the late reply to this, and thank you for the suggestion.

Yes, our reasoning for removing links has been that doing so improves the reading experience. I think the article we shared before supported that by noting that the way links are displayed (underlined) are a distraction for many readers.

But you do make a valid point, and we should really offer this as an option. We do have plans for an updated app, so hopefully we’ll offer this functionality in that.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer feedback. Appreciate the kind words about Push to Kindle, glad you’re finding it useful, despite this missing feature.

Best, Keyvan from