Links not present in exported Substack article

while exporting this article:

… all the links from original article were ignored. None of them appear in the kindle book. Btw. links used to work just fine while exporting from this site.

Thanks for looking into this. Push to Kindle is unusable for Substack at the moment.


Forgot to mention I am using Push to Kindle extension in Firefox (both updated to the newest version).

Hi there, Push to Kindle has always removed links by default. You can enable links in settings if you want:

Our reason for removing them is shown in the info box, and copied below:

Keep links?

By default Push to Kindle does not preserve links. Enable this to have them preserved.

Note, however, that research suggests that links in text are distracting and reduce comprehension, so if links aren’t crucial for you, we suggest keeping this off.

Push to Kindle will always include a clickable link to the source page at the very end of the document, regardless of this setting.

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Hi @asdf_CZ just to be shure: what links do you mean? I just see two real links in the top of the article and one more in the text. They are all in the Pushtokindle preview, if you activate “keep links” as fivefilters wrote.

But there are anchors that look like links but just copying a link of that anchor on the same page to the clipboard. As this is not a real click-to-open-link, P2K can’t identify or ‘preserve’ it.


Hi, thanks for both answers. I missed that checkbox completely, sorry about that. As you can probably tell, omitting links by default is not to my taste (for example LessWrong without links would really suck).

Consider it fixed and thanks again.

@asdf_CZ We are thinking about introducing recommended settings for specific sites. I think you’re right that on some sites the links are a key part of the content, and maybe those sites should have different defaults.

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