Links are not recognized


First of all, I really love your products and have subscribed for the premium membership. I have been testing some of the functions which are really great.

However, when I attempted to create a feed from this site, then the original article links aren’t recognised.

Here below is my attempt…查看原始文章&

The id or class attribute contains the title

The id or class attribute contains the original article links

How can I resolve this problem? Thank you.

Best wishes!

Hi Howard,

When you want to use one element for the title and another for the URL, you’ll need to use the item parameter with item_title and item_url parameters.

With item you’ll select the boxes with the data you want. In this case, something like:


Then you can use the item_title parameter to select the title element:

  • a

And item_url to select the original URL element:

  • a

Final result will look like this:

Submitted parameters (
    [url] =>
    [item] => .post-data
    [item_title] => .post-meta a
    [item_url] => .post-orignal a

Hope that’s some help.


I have applied the new parameters to my other feeds. It works!!!

Thank you very much!!

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