Limitation showing headlines?

After a good Info i bought Feed-Creator, running local on my Synology.
Now i have a problem:
its the same local or here on this link.
The text ist cut. Is there a limit?
I can see only full stops after some letters…



Hi there,

We do limit item title length, but I noticed you’re using the item title selector to select the story summary rather than the title. Is there a reason for that? If you use both the title selector and description selector, you’ll get something like this:


As you’re self hosting, however, you can also change the max values for the title length and description. If you haven’t already, read the README.txt file in Feed Creator to see how to set up a config file. It says:

Configuration (optional)

1. Save a copy of config.php inside the custom/ folder 
   and edit the file at custom/config.php

When editing the config file, you can increase these values:

// Max item title length
// ----------------------
// Maximum number of characters for item titles.
// Anything above this will get trimmed.
$options->max_title_length = 150;

// Max item description length
// ----------------------
// Maximum number of characters for item descriptions.
// Anything above this will get trimmed.
$options->max_desc_length = 500;

If you change 150 to 300, for example, Feed Creator will include up to 300 characters for item titles.

Hope that’s some help.

That’s it! Thank you for your good advice

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