Kindle PC

How do i use push to kindle for the PC. I have the android version and that works great with the kindle android app but i cant see how the Chrome version sends to a kindle for pc. The kindle for pc has no email address so cant work like it would for a real kindle.
If this doesnt work can you provide an alternative? Thanks

Hi Craig, thanks for the question. Amazon have not yet enabled the personal documents service for their PC application (as you point out, there is no email address associated with your Kindle for PC). See (“Periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and personal documents cannot be viewed on Kindle for PC.”)

The alternative is to download the .mobi file our service generates for an article to your computer. You’ll then be able to open it with Kindle for PC. If you’re using our Chrome extension, once the preview has loaded, click the middle tab (‘No Kindle?’) and there you’ll find a link to download the MOBI file.

Files downloaded in this way will only be accessible on your computer.

Hope that’s some help.