Kindle failed to download article

Hi, fairly new user here, currently using the free version of Push To Kindle and tempted to upgrade to a paid subscription. But…

It’s been working fine until yesterday, when I sent 🚨 The House of Lords could liberate the Postcode Address File if they back this amendment 🚨 to my Kindle. In the evening I went to read it it showed up briefly on my Kindle home screen as ‘Pending’ and then disappeared.

The problem may be with the Kindle rather than Push To Kindle but at the moment I don’t know how to fix it. Any suggestions? I suppose first thing is to reboot the Kindle. I’ll try that tonight.

Ok, I tried rebooting my Kindle. Now the item that I sent doesn’t show up at all, not even briefly as Pending. I’ll try sending something else… hmm, that worked. Maybe it’s fixed itself. I’ll resend the original (this is eating up my 10 article allowance!).

…Failed again! It seems to be just that article that fails.

Hi Alistair, this sounds like an Amazon/Kindle problem. I tried sending this article to my own Kindle account and it appeared in my library in the Kindle app. I’ll try on a Kindle device too to see if it works there too.

When you tried the second time, did you experience the same thing as before (ie. it showed up briefly and then disappeared) or did it not show up at all the second time?

Thanks for looking into this. As I recall, the second time I don’t think it even appeared as Pending.

As it seems to be working, I’ll just carry on. If I find another article that fails in the same way, I’ll post about it here.